Security and Privacy

Due to the use of our websites, all precautions are taken to ensure the security of your personal information and your collected data is used within the framework of legal principles.

Privacy Statement

The protection and confidentiality of users' personal information is an important and sensitive issue for Casella and all the measures are taken for the security of your personal information because of the use of our websites and your collected data is used within the framework of legal principles.

With the use of the Casella website, you allow Casella and Casella Group Companies to collect and use your personal information within the Casella Group worldwide. Even if you do not request the registration of your personal information on the site you use, you may obtain information that personally identifies you if you use the services on the sites and use the sites. This information can be filled with your personal information such as name, surname, age, date of birth, gender, address, e-mail address, home and work address, phone number, etc. provided by you for the reasons such as completing a form, participating in sweepstakes, creating a membership record, or a number used by Casella. information (such as cookies, IT systems and software), IP address, browser information, Internet pages and other internet sites. If you do not agree to the collection and use of this personal information by Casella, you must not use the Casella website.

Casella, the personal data it has obtained, and the general non-personal information that is automatically recorded when entered the website, can convert all rights to statistical information belonging to Casella, directly or indirectly, to communicate with you, to develop the website, to identify your requests for products and services , advertising and marketing activities will be used for the purpose of sending the bulletin on the site, will not share with third parties without your approval or legal requirement. The information given by the users on the sites by filling out forms will not be published or published by third parties, but only the names of the users who won the promotion or reward campaigns organized by Casella will be published on the site.

We use a wide range of security technologies and methods to help prevent your personal information from being accessed and used by unauthorized individuals and organizations, and to help protect your privacy. These include Firewall, IPS / IDS, various authentication methods, technological methods and devices that contain secure connections.

your personal information, in order to work on your behalf to authorized personnel at the Casella and reliable server outside Turkey or another country may transfer to third parties. By using Casella sites, you are allowing us to do this.

Casella makes no warranties about the privacy policies of third-party websites that you access through links on their website, so we recommend that you obtain information about the privacy policies of sites you visit before giving any personally identifiable information.

You can contact us via e-mail or on [email protected] for any matters related to the collection, use and protection of your personal information.

Casella reserves the right to make unilateral changes to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Statement at any time.

Terms of Use

All copyrights and intellectual and industrial property rights on the content of this site (text, image, video clip, figure, trademark, logo, audio-visual) belong to the approval of Casella and Casella and are used within the legal framework with the permission of the beneficiaries. . It is forbidden to reproduce, provide, rent and lend, publicly apply and disclose such contents in whole or in part without the prior consent of the owners.

Casella does not have any responsibility whatsoever for any damages, errors or problems that users will see as a result of access to the site, connection, downloading material and software from the site. Therefore, Casella and the companies on the site will not be held liable in any way for any damage, loss, or any kind of damage that the users will be exposed to through the site or the use of a material published on the site or software on the site.


Subject to the provisions of the Privacy Policy, Casella will not consider the comments and descriptions of users entering any part of the site as confidential information and may publish, distribute, use or modify the recipes as such without limitation and for free.


The user undertakes that he / she has obtained the recipes he / she has legally obtained, is not in breach of binding regulations or infringes his / her intellectual property rights, trademarks, trademark or other rights of third parties. It shall be the sole responsible user in respect of the claims made for alleged infringements of industrial property rights, intellectual property rights or other binding and valid provisions and third party rights.

All information, descriptions and suggestions contained in this site are of a general nature and shall not be held responsible for the results of their implementation.

If any information, recipe and advice from Casella sites is published, it is necessary to provide a link and to obtain Casella's approval.

If links from third party sites on Casella site are outside of the Casella web network, Barilla makes no commitment to the content and accuracy of these linked sites, and no responsibility for the functionality of these sites and any subsequent changes in these sites. It assumes.

Casella cannot be held responsible for the use of Casella's websites without permission from their parents or guardians, to submit information to such sites, to become a member, to fill out a form.

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